Flor Unikon Flowers and Bureau of Internal Affairs at Craft Central’s Pop-Up Shop

We are excited to announce that from Monday 12th June until Saturday 17th June we will be based at Craft Central’s corner shop at 21 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DX.

Our visitors and customers will be able purchase our new summer collection of flowers and floral arrangements.

All our blooms are beautifully displayed in a wonderful collection of retro vases supplied by the Bureau of Interior Affairs (BIA). This on-line interiors company also has a showroom located close to Canada Water underground station. BIA specialise in antique/retro objects such as oil paintings, brass-ware, vases, ceramics and mirrors.

Our pop-up space is five minutes away from Farringdon underground station, and minutes away from 19, 38, 63, 55 and 243 bus routes.

Opening hours: 8am-6pm weekdays, and 11am-3pm on Saturday.

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Flor Unikon Flowers and Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose

We have been lucky to work with Alpha-H on a series of product launches. But you can imagine how excited we were to work with them again for the exclusive U.K launch of the Liquid Gold Rose limited edition; and this time ‘live’ on the QVC shopping channel.

Our brief for the QVC launch was to create pretty arrangements, using the right shade of pink Roses that matched the main ingredient of the skin care range, i.e. Liquid Gold Rose. We selected the variety known as ‘Celebrity’ for its lush colour and softness. Tom Ogden, Alpha-H’s European Business Manager, thought it would be fun to create button holes for each of the seven presenters. So we did, in fact we made a few extra, just incase any wilted under the harsh studio lights.

Alpha-H, a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare, creates groundbreaking cosmeceutical formulations that have become the missing link between current beauty products and invasive treatments.

Originally forumulated and sold in Australia, Alpha-H is now a global phenomenon, stocked in over 25 countries including luxury clinics, exclusive day spas, and cosmetic retail giants Marks and Spencer and Sephora.

Alpha-H’s best selling resurfacing treatment Liquid Gold has become a “cult” beauty classic with one being sold every minute of every hour. Harper’s Bazaar have been quoted as saying “It is bottled brilliance”.

The ingredients are highly concentrated and contain a balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients, including the famous Liquid Gold Rose.

Brand creator, Michelle Doherty sums up the importance of using her products,

“It is my belief that all women and men deserve to feel beautiful and confident within their own skin. Alpha-H was founded on the promise of replenishing and rejuvenating the skin through highly active professional skin treatments”.

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Wedding Flowers at The Little Viet Kitchen

One of Islington’s dining gems, The Little Viet Kitchen recently played host to a Spring wedding reception with our flowers decorating the guest tables and bar.

This charming Vietnamese Restaurant, nestled amongst the bustling shops and stalls of Chapel Market, serves up a delicious variety of small-large plates of meats and fish marinated in home made broths and sauces. The Little Viet Kitchen’s creative team led by Dave and Thuy Pham-Kelly really care about what they create, and if you haven’t already sampled their wares, we are sure you won’t go hungry or be disappointed.

Thuy’s other passion is flowers especially meadow type blooms in pastel shades. We regularly supply her restaurant with petit vases filled with grasses and field flowers for her and her customers to enjoy whilst pondering over the menu and their delicious food. Therefore it was no surprise to us that we were asked to create a more elaborate display of chic, but exclusively, pastel flowers for a wedding reception.

To create height in the large vases for the bar we used pink Sweet William, Gypsophila and twigs and then added pastel pink Roses, cut at different lengths, to create a cloud effect. And for the petit vases and tea cups we used shorter stemmed pink Roses, Sweet William and Lavender. The completed set of vases created an elegant ambience for the wedding party.

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Bouquets that celebrate special events.

From our London based Studio we make beautiful bouquets for those special events in the day-day lives of our customers  - whether it is, ‘Thank You’ flowers for one of their London clients;

or a bright arrangement (see picture below) to show support to an actor friend on their first night of a theatre performance;

or simply a statement that “I love you” (see picture below).

Roses can be for any occasion of course – this beautiful peach and pastel pink bouquet was sent to a lady who was coming out of hospital. These particular shades (see picture below) were selcted as they are her favourite colours.

This arrangement (see picture below), was ordered by a young man for his girlfriend who he regrettably couldn’t be with on her special birthday.

Another birthday gift, this was for a young woman whose work colleagues almost forgot that it was her special day. We did an express delivery for them and as you can imagine they were relieved and very happy we could do so.

This ice-cream palette of flowers was for someone’s graduation from law school.

We always try to match the variety of flowers, their hues and shades, and the style of arrangement to the taste of the recipient. Therefore when you are ordering flowers from us do let us know what you think your colleague or loved one would like to have in their home.

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Flor Unikon at ‘About the Bike’

We are pleased to announce that from the 17th February 2017 our flower bouquets will also be available at About the Bike, 44 Amwell Street, Islington.

About the Bike is a cycle repair shop that till recently has been trading in the heart of Dalson, East London. But now the team have spread their wings and opened a second branch amongst the niche shops of Amwell Village. They offer fixed price servicing at very reasonable rates and in addition sell and fit new parts, spares and accessories.

The team, led by Dan and Ed, are a bunch of cycling enthusiasts who will be happy to advise you on a whole range of cycling matters, from cycle routes across Europe to the latest news in the cycling world. And of course, whilst you are waiting for your bike to be serviced you can now purchase one of our beautiful bouquets to take home.

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Winter Wreaths by Flor Unikon

The Flor Unikon collection of winter wreaths are now available for purchase. Sizes start from 20cm and are made using a variety of greenery, from Nobilis Blue Pine, Cyprus, Ivy, Pistachio and even with fresh flowers.

Each wreath can be decorated with material that you find in your local woods/forest or your own garden at home.

One of our most simple wreaths is decorated with moss and can be made in all sizes from 20-80cm. Larger wreaths can be made to order.

We love to create mix media wreaths using moss, pine-cone, twigs, dried and fresh flowers.

Our favourite wreath of the season is the one made from Blue Pine and decorated with moss, Pine-Cones, Pussy Willow and Eucalyptus

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Flor Unikon Flowers at Food at 52 Cookery School

Cookery and wreath making classes at Food at 52

Our final Corporate wreath making class of this season recently took place at the Food at 52 Cookery School, Islington, London.

The ethos of this well respected independent school is far removed from what many of us may have experienced at the hands of junior and adult learning institutes. Instead, Food at 52 offers a bohemian and artistic space for learning how create a wide range of themed dishes, e.g. Moroccan, Spanish, Thai and stress free dinner parties. ‘Time Out’ Magazine offer their own praise “You’ve got to see this place. Much more than a cookery school, it’s a full culinary experience”.

Making the door wreaths

The group was split in two working parties. In the Kitchen, Group A were instructed by the Food at 52 team how to produce some delicious seasonal foods ; whilst in the reception lounge we taught Group B the techniques of wreath making. After 60 minutes we swopped groups.

Decorating the door wreaths

After about thirty minutes of weaving the branches onto the wreath bases each group were invited to decorate their wreaths using natural materials, such as berries, dried fruits and cinnamon sticks.

In all our years of teaching this subject we have never come across such a highly creative group of people. A few even adapted their wreath creations to make face masks and head crowns.

The completed crown was a very regal creation and the masks were highly original and looked very tribal.

Cookery classes

Both groups had great fun learning to cook a variety of seasonal fayre; unfortunately we were unable to stay for the final tastings but the aromas coming from the kitchen was proof enough for us that they had cooked up a delicious feast.

A heart felt thanks to all the Food at 52 team for inviting us and for making this fun event happen.

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Flor Unikon’s Christmas Wreaths at Skandium

Our new collection of Advent and Door Wreaths are now available at Skandium on Marylebone High Street. You can also order wreaths directly from us, on-line at www.flor-unikon.co.uk, or by telephone 0203 701 8774, and we can arrange a collection date/time at Skandium (Marylebone branch – during opening hours).

All our wreaths are hand-crafted using the traditional weaving method, with natural branches such as Nobilis pine,  and decorated with dried fruits, berries, cinnamon sticks and pine-cones.  

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Flor Unikon Flowers at Max Mara

Max Mara Event, Saturday 19th November 2016

We recently co-hosted a customer event at the Weekend Max Mara’s store – Westbourne Grove. Max Mara customers were individually invited to preview the new winter collection, indulge in luxury confectionary and prosecco, and take part in wreath decorating with two of our Floral Designers, Paul and Jean.

Flor Unikon’s Autumn Decorations for Max Mara, Westbourne Grove

The brief was to create bright and cheerful arrangements to reflect the late Autumn season. In the front window we created a Autumn/Winter wreath using oak leaves to retain the Autumn theme, and using three shades of Ilex berries that show the gradual transition from the golden glow of ‘The Fall’ to the brightness of the Christmas season to come.

Along the central table we created cheerful vases of berries and apples. We also used wild greenery in order to blend in with Max Mara’s ethnic jewellery collection. Our new collection of wreaths also created a colourful foreground to the back-drop of stone coloured vases and statues.

We were particularly pleased with how well one of our Hydrangea wreaths took on the pattern of the Max Mara, Tricot Pasticcino bag.

The Max Mara mannequins this season are minimalist with just a hint of red lipstick – therefore we couldn’t resist placing one of our red apples wreaths behind this particular chic mannequin.

Max Mara Customers learn how to decorate a Flor Unikon Door Wreath.

Each customer had their own approach to decorating a wreath. Some just wanted to add a few stems of greenery to one of our pre-decorated wreaths and were overjoyed with the final result.

Others used a step by step method of placing the decorations first and then gluing them when they were satisfied with the final placement. One customer was so pleased with her wreath that she insisted on wearing her Max Mara wool broadcloth cape (purchased in-store earlier) to finish decorating it.

Wreath decoration is fun for all ages, from the very young…

…to the young at heart…

…and those folk in between.

A big thanks to  Sofia and her friendly Weekend Max Mara sales team for allowing us to be part of today’s event. We look forward to sharing future events with you all.

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Luxury bouquets and vase arrangements by Flor Unikon Flowers

Flor Unikon can create the perfect luxury bouquet for that special person in your life. For both a stylish and luxurious arrangement their Floral Designers will use just a few varieties of flowers, a beautiful selection of greenery and a mixture of textures for visual interest.

You can make the recipient feel extra special by selecting their favourite flower varieties and colours. For this reason Flor Unikon’s designers always aim to source the blooms and hues of your choice.

Flor Unikon can also provide a stylish vase to accommodate your luxury bouquet. The above arrangement, a country garden selection, is contained in an organic vase to complement the rustic arrangement. Image – Craft Central, Clerkenwell.

The clear pear-shaped vase, see below, is the perfect container for taller varieties and ideal for displaying interesting stems, leaf textures and patterns. Image – Roof Gardens, Kensington.

The vase display below illustrates beautifully that ‘less is more’, meaning that with a very limited colour palette and flower varieties you can still create a very chic arrangement. The Snowberries and Ivy help to create a sense of movement.

This romantic pink and purple bouquet not only look beautiful but smells amazing too! – featuring Clematis, Hydrangeas and Wax flower, and for the ultimate aroma a few stems of Mint.

Flor Unikon’s vibrant peach and pink Rose bouquet is delicately framed with lace cut, Senecio Cineraria (Dusty Miller).

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